***Starshine!*** (_sailor_freak_) wrote in dumb_blondes,

Ok. I decided to enterdouce myself. Even thought Melisa already knows me other who don't know me can read it.
My name is Stephanie.
I am blonde (of course)
But I have brown eyes.
But I do have been boobs. (size D, yeah baby)
I am 17 years old
And I am a senior in high school.
I am in the Marching band and I play clarinet.
I have at least one blonde moment per day.

So let me give you a blonde moment.
Ok, my 8th grade year me and my friend were walking the mile, which you have to do in order to pass P.E.
We were walking a long and laughing and having fun.
I then spotted a rock.
I said, "Hey Ci Ci, watch out for the rock."
She said "ok"
But as we passed it I tripped over the rock after warning her not to....
Dumb blonde.

I have many more where thay came from. I will be sure to tell you them all.
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