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Deaf, Dumb and Blonde... For real- Almost

Ok, so I totally fucked up the other day, Wednesday I believe, I had got out of the shower and my hair was all dripping & stuff. I had Q-tips in my ears, and was bothered by my hairs drippyness. I has thought about wrapping my hair in a towel and then thought about how bad of an idea that was. I had visions of a Q-tip piercing my eardrums as my red towel smacks the end of it, so I decidedly decided NOT to put the towel on my head. Then the weirdest thing happened... I really can't explain it. But I ended up trying to put the towel around my head, I spaced out! I heard this terrible POP! noise and had some interesting pain. I knew right at that moment, I had completely gone and fucked up! I had blown my ear-drum, so of course I immediately burst in to tears out of fear of losing my hearing in my ear. I ran downstairs to the parking lot where Eric is trying to fix our piece of shit car and I tell him that I need to go to the hospital because I just popped my ear-drum. So the long story short of it is:

Spent 3 hours in ER mostly waiting.
Got some drops put in ear.
Got presecription.
Got sent packin'.

My hearing is fine as far as I can tell anyway. I think it is starting to heal but can't tell really since I can't see the injury. It has however stopped bleeding and there is virtually no pain, just a bit of discomfort in my neck and shoulder.

I was suprised it didn't hurt as badly as I had heard it did. I did ask the doctor if it was supposed to hurt a lot more and he said, "yes"

So hmmm, very blonde, definitely dumb, and almost deaf...
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