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2 in a Row!!!!

First Blonde Moment this morning:

I went to make KD for breakfast, and I put it on the stove then sat down back in front of the PC, then I heard the water dripping so I go to turn it off, thats when I notice that the stove isn't turned on! Kind of hard to cook KD without hte stove on!

THEN while waiting for it to cook (stove on this time) I started fixing up my DVD cabinet, putting them back in thier proer spots and what not, and a Disc falls behind the cabinet (actually just a bookshelf) so instead of pulling the whole thing out I pullit back to look and see what disc it is, when I am attacked by all my Dvd's and PS2 games falling on my feet (I hope there all oaky) thus I had to redo the whole shelf!!!!!

Oy Vey!
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