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Sugar high!

The other day my friend was spending the night. We were really bored and starting to get tired. So I gave her some gum. We each had like 5 pieces. Well we got really hyper after that. We called some random guy up and we told him that she was my cousin. LoL. Then at like 5 am she said she needed more gum to get back on her sugar high. So I gave her the package and she says it is sugar free gum.

I looked at her like w.t.f are u talking about. I turned to the back and pointed at some random thing and said that that meant sugar. The sad thing is she actually believed me. MAJOR BLONDE MOMENT!

We were joking around about nicknames for each other so i decided to use one of mine on her. I said she was a cherry with chocolate sryup and a cherry on top... Did u catch my big mistake?!

We had like 50 other blonde moments that day.WAAAYYY too many to name. Another one that happened was that we wanted to go bowling so we go to the bowling alley and they have this huge chart thing out that has trial runs for bowling leagues. My friend goes up to the bowling dude and asks for a lane. He asked what league she belonged to and she said none, and he was like what are u blind? He pointed to the chart and said it's a league night only..DUH!

The last one I shall mention is one of my favs. We decided to get some candy before we left the bowling alley. So I'm taking out a dollar bill and I put it in the machine when my friend is like, Andrea did u miss the sign? It says change only. So I went to the change machine next to it and i got 4 coins back. Then we were putting the coins in and I noticed that they weren't coins but tokens for the games. o.O I wasted a whole dollar on nothing. OIY VE!
Such a blonde is me.
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